Kammans Trail - Season 1

Across continents, Jacob chases another year of adventures.
In Portugal, he joins a dog-driven hunt, while Romania's hills test his skills on a roebuck chase. Estonia's vast forests hold the kingly moose, with a possible bear encounter adding spice. Swedish fields offer nocturnal boar stalks, contrasting with Poland's peaceful spring roebuck hunts.
Azerbaijan's mountains present the daunting Dagestan tur, followed by a dream ibex pursuit in Kyrgyzstan's harsh terrain. Back in Sweden, he attempts the grand slam at Ericsberg, before revisiting familiar Polish grounds for another roebuck challenge.

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  • Portuguese Monteria

    Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding chaos of a traditional Monteria! Join Jacob on his first ever driven hunt in Portugal, where ancient traditions collide with explosive action. Hundreds of baying dogs flush out Red Deer and Wild Boar, creating a whirlwind of adrenaline and excitement. Witnes...

  • Dagestan Tur Hunting In Azerbaijan

    In the unforgiving wilds of Azerbaijan, seasoned hunter Jacob faces his toughest challenge yet - the elusive Dagestan tur. This is more than a hunt; it's a battle against nature's might, testing his skill and spirit. Will he claim his prize, or will the mountain's untamed heart prevail? Witness t...

  • Romanian Roebuck

    Spring in Romania. The air thrums with anticipation. Join Jacob and his friends, as they embarks on a thrilling roebuck adventure in the Carpathian Mountains, where rugged terrain tests both them and their equipment.

  • Ericsberg Castle Grand Slam

    Jacob travels to beautiful and iconic Ericsberg castle to see if he can complete the Grand slam: One roebuck, one wild boar, one red deer, one badger and one fox in 24 hours! Will he succeed?

  • ⁠Swedish Driven Hunt At Ericsberg Castle

    Join Jacob, a seasoned hunter, and his loyal German pointer, Maddie, as they embark on the thrilling end-of-season driven hunt at the renowned Ericsberg Castle.

    Experience the camaraderie and skill on display as Jacob and Maddie team up with other hunters in this historic tradition. Witness the ...

  • Moose Hunting In Estonia

    Immerse yourself in the thrilling hunt for the majestic European moose alongside Jacob.
    Journey with him into the heart of Estonia's vast and remote forests, where towering pines and rugged terrain provide the backdrop for a surprising hunting experience!

  • Wildboar Stalking in Sweden

    Embark on a heart-pounding night hunt with Jacob in the vast fields of Ericsberg Castle, Sweden. Under the cloak of darkness, stalk alongside him as he pursues the elusive wild boar through summer crops. This exhilarating form of hunting demands stealth, skill, and a deep understanding of the ani...

  • Mid Asian Ibex Hunting In Kyrgyzstan

    Join Jacob on his first mountain hunt in the breathtaking landscapes of Kyrgyzstan, where he chases a lifelong dream trophy.

    Face the raw beauty and harsh realities of high-altitude hunting. Brave the biting winds, conquer challenging horseback rides, and test your physical limits as altitude si...

  • Ericsberg Grand Slam pt. 2

    Second part of Jacobs pursuit of the Ericsberg grand slam… Will he succeed?

  • Roebuck Stalking In Poland pt. 1

    Hunting roebucks in Poland in early May is one of the most traditional hunting destinations for most European hunters. Follow Jacob as he hunts these beautiful bucks while early spring is at it’s finest!

  • Roebuck Stalking In Poland Pt. 2

    Second part of a wonderfull hunt in the beautiful polish country side after roe bucks.

  • Driven Moose Hunting In Estonia Pt. 2

    Join the adrenaline-pumping hunt for European moose alongside Jacob and his crew in the rugged Estonian wilderness. Whispers of a possible brown bear encounter add another layer of excitement to this driven hunt.