Kammans Trail - Season 2

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  • Azerbaijan Part Two

    Azerbaijan's unforgiving peaks, still hold a trophy unlike any other, one that haunts Jacob's dreams. He returns, scarred yet determined, to face grueling mountains and his own limitations. Will his unwavering drive and the lessons learned from past hardship finally lead him to a Tur trophy? Witn...

  • Scottish Deer Management

    Forget the usual trophies—Jacob is called to the rugged Scottish Highlands on an important task: managing the delicate balance of red deer and roe deer populations. Witness the breathtaking landscapes and the ethical responsibility of wildlife management.

  • South African Adventures

    Join Jacob on a breathtaking hunt through South Africa's Eastern Cape mountains. His target: the elusive bushbuck, a master of its rugged terrain. But the adventure doesn't stop there! South Africa always has unexpected opportunities around every corner, so Jacob gets some surprising experiences ...

  • Scottish Mufflon

    Is hunting at a game farm or in a fenced hunting area "real" hunting? Jacob goes to Scotland to find the answer. He soon discovers that this Scottish farm has more than mufflon in their fence...

  • Swedish Night Hunting

    Jacob and Emil embark on a silent mission in the heart of the Swedish winter. The snow-covered forests and fields become their hunting ground, their goal: managing the wild boar population.

    Experience the stark beauty of the Swedish winter, and witness the skill and teamwork required in this uni...

  • Stag Hunting In Scotland

    Immerse yourself in the roar of the Scottish Highlands! Follow Jacob on his relentless pursuit of rutting red stags. This unique spectacle unfolds amidst breathtaking scenery, echoing with the calls of hundreds of stags locked in the age-old battle of the rut.

  • Rutting Fallow Buck At Lykkesholm Castle

    Witness the raw power of the rut in Denmark's historic forests! As fallow bucks clash in a primal display of strength and dominance, their echoing grunts and fights fill the air. Join Jacob on his quest to hunt a mature fallow buck at the iconic Lykkesholm Castle.

  • The Island

    Jacob and Emil embark on a unique hunting trip to a remote Danish island. Surrounded by the rugged beauty of the ocean, they set out to hunt fallow deer in this unforgiving and secluded environment.

    Witness the skill and teamwork required as they navigate the island's terrain, tracking their pre...

  • ⁠Swedish Driven Hunt At Ericsberg Castle

    Join Jacob, a seasoned hunter, and his loyal German pointer, Maddie, as they embark on the thrilling end-of-season driven hunt at the renowned Ericsberg Castle.

    Experience the camaraderie and skill on display as Jacob and Maddie team up with other hunters in this historic tradition. Witness the ...

  • Red stag stalking in the karpathian mountains

    Embark on a thrilling red stag stalk with Jacob in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. These majestic creatures, the largest deer species in Europe, roam the remote Romanian mountains during the rut, their bugles echoing through the valleys.

    Witness the breathtaking scenery and the demanding ...

  • Irish Sika Stalking

    Ever dreamed of hunting Sika deer in the emerald fields of Ireland? Join Jacob as he pursues these magnificent trophies in a challenging stalk. But there's a twist - Jacob faces a unique obstacle that will test his skill and determination