Kammans Trail - Season 3

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  • My Fathers Buffalo Hunt

    Jacob joins his dad on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure: tracking the mighty Cape buffalo across South Africa's wild landscapes. This isn't just a hunt, it's a chance to bond, test limits, and capture an unforgettable journey, to fulfill a childhood dream. Don't miss this unforgettable experience!

  • Rutting red stags in the Polish mountains

    Emotions run high as Jacob guides his friend Martin on his first ever quest for his dream trophy. Witness the raw excitement, the tense stalks, and the shared triumph in this unforgettable adventure. Feel the adrenaline in the crisp mountain air, celebrate the deep bond of friendship, and see how...

  • Eider Duck Hunting in Denmark

    Seas, speed, and skill collide! Join Jacob, a seasoned duck hunter, as he tackles the southern Danish waters in pursuit of the tough Eider duck. Will his experience triumph over the Eiders feather-armor, and the unpredictable challenges of hunting at sea? Watch to find out!

  • Irish Sika Paradise Part#2

    Jacob hands over the gun to Gub and films as the photographer tries to shoot his very first sika deer. It proves to be a situation they will never forget!

  • Irish Sika Paradise Part#1

    Jacob and Gub goes to Ireland with their good friend Claus. They are hunting with the legendary guide John “Sika” Fenton. The snow-covered mountains provide a beautiful back drop for this amazing trip!

  • English Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer

    Join Jacob as he joins forces with his friend Claus in the English countryside. Their mission: put the revolutionary Viper Flex shooting stick to the test, while bagging both elusive Muntjac and the majestic Chinese Water Deer. Witness stunning English landscapes, expert marksmanship, and the cam...

  • Swedish Grey Seal

    Join Jacob on a crucial mission in the Swedish archipelago. His target: responsibly managing the booming grey seal population. But the thrill doesn't stop there! A rare opportunity for a Swedish muflon hunt awaits. Witness stunning seascapes, ethical wildlife management, and the challenge of bal...